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24k Gold Glock 34 Custom Engraved Slide

24k Gold Glock 34 Custom Engraved Slide


The long and flat shooting G34 is a competition shooters dream. But here at JST Designs it was our dream to use the large open canvas of the G34 to display a true work of craftsmanship on a competition ready firearm. We know most people wouldn't prefer a 24 karat gold plated G34, but we aren't here for "most people". Despite the gorgeous gold mirror polish finish and intricate engraving, this upper is completely capable of preforming in a match, if one so chooses. The 24k gold is plated thick and contains additive hardeners to keep the gold layer much more durable than pure soft gold. While the slide and compensator are gold, we added a thick layer of bright nickel plate to the match grade barrel, back plate, and tall iron sights. This makes the iron sights clear and easy to see while shooting. The back plate is still mirror polished so you can see yourself smile while looking down the sights of this beautiful piece.  

    After many years in the laser, gold, and cerakote industry we can assure this is our best build yet. The laser engraved scroll design was hand drawn by one of the industries best hand engravers and laser designers. The scrolls have an appealing depth while keeping the most crisp details. This is done with our industrial fiber optic lasers. Every polished surface was hand sanded and polished here in our shop. The build features a matching lone wolf stainless steel OEM spec slide and match grade fluted barre with a zaffri precision compensator. The backplate and sights are also billet machined stainless steel. We can proudly say all of the work is done in house and all the parts are 100% MADE IN THE USA! We left the rest of the parts up to you to decide on the brand and quality.



  • 1 G34 match grade barrel
  • 1 G34 slide
  • 1 front and 1 rear suppressor height sight 
  • 1 stainless steel back plate 
  • 1 ZP stainless steel compensator 




  • 24k hard gold plating on comp and slide
  • Bright hard nickel plate on barrel, sights, and back plate
  • Mirror polish
  • Deep laser engraving 
  • Hand drawn scroll design 
  • 416 SS
  • Gen1-3
  • Free shipping
  • 1000% MADE IN THE USA
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